Bariatric Portion Control Plates

Portion control, along with good nutritional food choice, is the key to long term successful weight loss. Long term successful weight loss is best achieved when you measure the proportions of food you put on your plate.

bariatric portion control plate
bariatric portion control plate

A bariatric portion control plate can make it much easier for you to change your eating habits after your bariatric procedure.

Several studies have confirmed the strong relationship between portion size and calorie intake.

Excessive calorie intake leads to weight gain. You can easily avoid over eating with proper portion control.

Our 8 Inch Portion Control are divided into three main sections: Protein – The largest portion on our portion plates is protein. In fact, this portion takes up half of the plate. This aligns with the recommendation to prioritize high-value protein such as meat, fish and eggs at meal time.

Fruits and Vegetables – One third of the plate is dedicated to fruits and vegetables to optimize your intake of vitamins and minerals at each meal.

Fiber – The remainder of the plate (20%) is dedicated to fiber – specifically, grains. Whole grains are important because they contain essential B vitamins and fiber which are important on any weight loss plan.

Bariatric Melamine Portion Control Plates by Universal Body Labs are 100% dishwasher safe but use in the microwave is not recommended.


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